I spent June as an artist in residence in a little caravan (The CARNafan) just outside the castle walls of Caernarfon, North Wales. My time here involved inviting people to come into the space and tell me a story; I would then turn these stories into folk songs. It was an incredibly inspiring time for me and a very productive month. I wrote, recorded and printed a limited edition EP. 
I was also lucky enough to have Paul Hanks film a beautiful music video for me. This song, Angor, was written on my first day in the caravan. Angor is a the story of a woman who has lived all her life on the safety of dry land, protected by mountains. Now she is being beckoned by the sea and her watery depths, with promises of new inspiration and a surrendering to the unknown. The unknown is not pretty, but it is beautiful, and necessary for her to go there.
- Eve Goodman
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